Special Sessions

Special Session 1: Meaningful Technology for Seniors


Organized by

Kentaro Watanabe, AIST, Japan
Marketta Niemelä, VTT, Finland

Contact: kentaro.watanabe@aist.go.jp


Presenters and presentation titles (The presentation order is subject to change)

1. Meaningful Technology for Seniors: Analytical Framework for Elderly-Care Service Systems
Kentaro Watanabe (AIST, Japan), Kirsi-Maria Hyytinen, Marketta Niemelä

2. Comparison of Japanese and Finnish Attitude Regarding Technology Use in Nursing-care Service
Hiroyasu Miwa (AIST, Japan), Kentaro Watanabe, Hannamaija Määttä, Mari Ylikauppila, Marketta Niemelä

3. Study on Communication Support for Employees with ICT in Elderly Care
Ken Fukuda (AIST, Japan), Kentaro Watanabe, Hiroyasu Miwa, Mari Ylikauppila, Hanna Lammi, Marketta Niemelä, Takuichi Nishimura

4. Do Active Seniors Find Digital Reminiscence Meaningful? A User Study
Marketta Niemelä (VTT, Finland), Minna Kulju, Mari Ylikauppila, Hannamaija Määttä

5. Co-creating Meaningful Technologies - Agile Digitalization Development Processes and Experiments in Elderly People’s Housing Services
Mirva Hyypiä (Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland), Satu Pekkarinen, Helinä Melkas

6. Public Discussion on Robotic Innovations in Finnish Elderly Care
Outi Tuisku (Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland), Satu Pekkarinen, Lea Hennala, Helinä Melkas

7. Applicability of Wearable Devices with Photo Sensors for Elderly Healthcare Applications
Yasutaka Uchida (Teikyo University of Science, Japan), Tomoko Funayama, Nobuo Homma, Kazuo Kobayashi, Yoshiaki Kogure


Special Session 2: Holistic Approach of Service Modelling


Organized by

Yoshinori Hara, Kyoto University, Japan
Joaquin Iranzo, Atos, Spain
Dimitris Karagiannis, University of Vienna, Austria

Contact: dk@dke.univie.ac.at


Presenters and presentation titles

1. Enabling Digital transformation in SMEs by Combining Enterprise Ontologies and Service Blueprinting
Ahson Javaid, Hisashi Masuda, Yuji Kohda (JAIST, Nomi, Ishikawa, Japan) & Sabrina Kurjakovic (University of Camerino, Italy)

2. BPaaS Marketplace: Demonstration of "Sending Invoice" Offerings in the Cloud
Constantin Valeriu Tuguran (YMENS TEAMNET SRL, Romania), Jürgen Jähnert (Baden Württemberg Connected GmbH, Germany)

3. BPaaS Design: Modelling Cloud Offering for "Sending Invoice Process"
Damiano Falcioni (BOC GmbH, Austria), Knut Hinkelmann (University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland, Switzerland)

4. BPaaS Allocation: Configuration of appropriate IT-Infrastructure for Cloud Offering
Simone Cacciatore (FHOSTER SRL, Italy), Stefano Cuomo (MATHEMA SRL, Italy)

5. BPaaS Execution: Demonstration of the adaptive Deployment and Execution of Processes in the Cloud
Joaquin Iranzo Yuste (ATOS SA, Spain), Stefan Wesner (University of Ulm, Germany)

6. BPaaS Evaluation: Cross Layer Abstraction of Cloud and Process Measures for business view abstraction
Kyriakos Kritikos (Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas, Crete), Damiano Falcioni (BOC GmbH, Austria)

7. Open Communities for Research: ADOxx for Modelling and CloudiFy for Cloud Computing
Robert Woitsch (BOC GmbH, Austria), Aljosa Pasic (ATOS SA, Spain)

8. Proposal of a Standard Service Business Case for Developing Service Ecosystem Simulators
Chiaki Hirai, Hitachi Ltd., Japan


Special Session 3: Services and Green Economy


Organized by

Patrik Ström, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Mitsutaka Matsumoto, AIST, Japan

Contact: patrik.strom@handels.gu.se


Presenters and presentation titles

1. Environmental Economic Geography from a Service Perspective
Patrik Strom, (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

2. Recycling as a Service - a New Business Model to Recover Critical and Precious Metals from Industrial Wastes
Bernd Kopacek, (ISL-Kopacek KG, Austria)

3. Integrated Product and Service Offerings - a Means to Achieve Economic and Environmental Competitiveness through Value-added Services
Mattias Lindahl, (Linkoping University, Sweden)

4. Servitization as an Enabler for Product Circulations
Mitsutaka Matsumoto, (AIST, Japan)


Special Session 4: Design & Support Technology for Value Co-Creation


Organized by

Takashi Tanizaki, Kindai University, Japan
Nobutada Fujii, Kobe University, Japan

Contact: tanizaki@hiro.kindai.ac.jp


Presenters and presentation titles

1. Improving Labor Productivity by Changing Cooking Process at a Multiproduct Japanese Cuisine Restaurant Using Partial Refrigerator
Takeshi Shimmura, Kenji Rrai, Tomomi Nonaka, Nobutada Fujii, and Takashi Tanizaki

2. An Economic Field Experiment of Menu Ordering in Restaurant Services
Kenju Akai, Shota Shimizu, Nariaki Nishino

3. Lab-Forming Fields and Field-Forming Labs
Takeshi Kurata

4. An Economic Lab Experiment for the Best Offer and Approval in Face‐to‐Face Service Interaction Situation
Keiko Aoki, Kenju Akai and Kenta Onoshiro

5. Shift Scheduling to Improve Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction and Management Satisfaction in Service Workplace where Employees and Robots Collaborate
Takashi Tanizaki, Takeshi Shimmura and Nobutada Fujii

6. Development of a Three-stage Public Observation Service System Model with Logics for Observation/Assessment
Satoko Tsuru and Maki Kariyazaki

Invited paper
7. A Staff Shift Scheduling Method Considering Constraints of Allocating Plural Tasks in Restaurant Business
Ai Ito, Nobutada Fujii, Toshiya Kaihara, Daisuke Kokuryo and Takeshi Shimmura