Semantic-based Modeling for Services using the SeMFIS Platform


The goal of this tutorial is to provide an introduction to the area of semantic-based modeling and the SeMFIS platform. At its core, semantic-based modeling characterizes the use of semi-formal conceptual models together with formal semantic schemata such as ontologies, thesauri or controlled vocabularies. The tutorial will enable participants to understand the theoretical and practical foundations for applying semantic-based modeling to the design and analysis of information systems. In particular it will be reverted to the ADOxx-based SeMFIS platform that constitutes a flexible engineering platform for realizing semantic annotations of conceptual models and that is provided for free via the Open Models Initiative. The approach will be illustrated with previous applications for services in semantic business process management, semantic-based simulation and semantic visualization of enterprise models.


Length of tutorial: 1/2 Day


SeMFIS Platform Website: www.semfis-platform.org


Relevant Publications:

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Hans-Georg Fill is currently substituting a full professor position for business informatics at the University of Bamberg, Germany. He holds a habilitation and a PhD in business informatics and a master in international business administration from University of Vienna. His research interests are in the areas of meta modeling, enterprise modeling, semantic information systems and visualization. He is actively engaged in international research cooperations and projects and has led an Erwin-Schrödinger research project at Stanford University from 2010-2011. He has developed and co-developed several modeling tools and platforms including the SeMFIS platform for the semantic annotation of conceptual models, the RUPERT modeling toolkit for business process improvement, the ADOxx Horus modeling toolkit for business process management, and a modeling toolkit for analyzing product-service systems. He is an active contributor to the OMiLAB.org open source infrastructure where he manages the development of the GraphRep Generator, the Model Annotator and the REST-API projects.